Welcome to WhereRVnowUSA.  Here we will be researching, planning, learning and doing what it takes to bring this full-time RV lifestyle to life.    We are currently stationary in Southwest Florida and will be doing most of our traveling during the summer months and most likely will spend the winter months here in Florida.  While we are traveling, we will be documenting, taking photos, making videos, researching and testing different products to help find easier ways to make this lifestyle more doable with the hopes of fewer headaches; which will include how to afford this lifestyle (we haven’t figured that out yet as we are both still working while in Florida), what products make this lifestyle a little easier, our take (pros and cons) of different campgrounds, Wal-Marts (yes we overnight at Wal-mart) and any free camping areas we may have the luck of finding.

As we have learned so much from other full timers, YouTube, Facebook and blogs, we hope you will find something here of use and please share your ideas with us, as we can all learn together.  We are always up for suggestions, tips and advice from other Rvers as we know there are so many others out there with so much experience and knowledge.  Stay tuned, we have a lot more coming soon,  So sit back, buckle up…..this could get a little bumpy.