About Us

Hi and welcome, we really appreciate you taking the time to stop and visit our site.  We are Pam and Terry; let us take a moment to tell you about how we met, what we do and what we hope to accomplish here.

We met on a dating website called Plenty of Fish, and yes they say there are plenty of fish in the sea but after dating for longer than I care to admit…..a lot of those so-called fish are bottom feeders, (at least that was my experience here in Florida). We dated for 9 months and got married June 2012. I (Pam) grew up in Alaska, (yes I know Sarah Palin and yes there is an area in Alaska where you can see Russia). While I have done a lot of tent camping in Alaska, I have never done any RV camping or much  traveling.  My first time out of the state of Alaska was at the age of 19 and that was very brief, lasting only 2 months.  Long story short, I made my way to Florida and eventually met my husband.   Terry grew up in Maryland, served 22 years in the Army National Guard and has done plenty of tent camping and roughing it in every weather condition imaginable.  He has spent over 20 years here in Florida and prefers the warm, hot, muggy weather found here in Florida,  where I prefer more seasonal changes and long to get back home to Alaska for a much-needed long visit.

I had the pleasure of raising 2 wonderful boys who are now awesome grown men. The oldest lives in Nebraska , is married to a wonderful woman and is doing a great job raising my two adorable grandchildren while working on computer programming techy stuff.   The youngest is living in North Carolina , works in an apprenticeship program in Virginia, is single, and just bought his first home. (With enough room for my RV)

Terry has a dedicated, hard-working grown daughter living in the panhandle of Florida with two wonderful kids, she works full-time and is taking college courses to help better her future.

OK, let’s get down to business. We started researching and planning this RV lifestyle over 2 years ago now. We went to several RV shows, talked with anyone who would talk with us about pros and cons of different style RVs, joined several RV Facebook groups, watched about a million YouTube videos (and still watching) before we decided on a Class A motor home. We really wanted to stay around the 34-36 foot length but here we are 40′ later in a diesel pusher Berkshire by Forest River. They say….go big or go home…..well I guess we did both. Its big and its our home.

As we have found so much information and help on other websites, videos and groups; our hopes are that we can be of some help to others just getting started and we of course always welcome constructive criticism, advice, information, thoughts and ideas that others may have to offer us as we are a work in progress and learn new things every single day.

We plan to give you the good, the bad, and the ugly of every aspect of our RV living and traveling experiences we encounter along our journey; and hoping there will be more good than bad; so please join us as we prepare for a very long 5000 mile journey.  We begin our journey in Venice, Florida and will head to Kenai, Alaska on April 30, 2018 and return back to Florida sometime in September which of course will be another 5000 miles.  Therefore, we will have lots of great and not so great experiences and would love the opportunity to share them with you.