Keep cold out, heat in or vice versa (depending on where you live)

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Tired of too much heat coming through the windows during the hot, humid summer months?  (especially if you live in Florida).   Feeling too much cold air when you walk by the windows during the winter months?  Especially if you are near the large front windshield or if you are lucky enough to have any kind of larger windows within your RV. (Or a sticks and bricks house).  This not so fancy Reflectix comes in several different size rolls which makes it easy to cut and customize exactly the size you need. is your best bet for the smaller rolls but we found a larger roll at   which comes in a size of 48″ X 5′ for just around $44.  We picked ours up locally so I’m not too sure about online ordering or delivery time.  Of course the smaller rolls which are best purchased on Amazon have the 2 day prime membership delivery in most states, if you’re a member.

The larger roll came in handy for covering the large windshield.  the height was perfect, we just had to measure and cut to fit the width.  We also found it easy to mark the corners with a sharpie so we know which direction to put it back in so we are  not wrestling with it due to the shape of our windshield, we had to make a couple of alterations for a better fit.  It may not look as pretty as some of those fancy magnetic shade coverings but it is quite a bit less expensive and does the job well.  If you want to get creative, you could draw some cute (or scary) eyes on the side that will be showing out.  I found some glow in the dark googly eyes to stick on but I think I will wait until halloween for that.

We also have lined several of our cabinets and have noticed a pretty good difference in temperature there too.  We don’t feel the heat pouring out when we reach in .  We feel it’s especially important to line the cabinets where food is stored because nobody likes stale chips or crackers.  It’s very easy to install and can be secured with 3M double-sided sticky foam pieces or double sided tape.

4 thoughts on “Keep cold out, heat in or vice versa (depending on where you live)

  1. Look forward to your comments and traveling experience. On my list to put liner in cabinets. Thanks.

    1. You’re most welcome, happy to be able to share what we learn. Hope you’re staying warm up there

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