Things we’ve learned in our first year of RVing

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As there are several things we have learned since we moved into our RV one year ago, these are some of our top things that we would of never thought of before this journey.  We will keep adding to the list as we go along.

We have learned:

#1 Something is always breaking, coming loose or unhinged (and its not always us)

You can never rely on your tank sensors.  The only one that is consistently accurate is the LP reading.  We have emptied and flushed the black tank several times and we do not currently use it (see composting toilet post) and it usually reads 2/3 – full when we know its empty.

The difference between class A, B and C models of motorhomes (along with towables, 5th wheels, toy haulers)

How to drive, back up and park a class A motorhome

The RV lifestyle is not necessarily less expensive than sticks and bricks living

When you live in a fancier RV than your previous house, its called “glamping” which is short for glamorous camping

What the term “boondocking” means (camping without hookups)

We would like to have solar installed so we can do more boondocking

The difference between boondocking and overnight stays at Wal-mart (it’s called wally docking at Wal-mart)

Conserving water is a must if you do not have hook-ups, shorter showers = more bad hair days

A RV GPS is a must but have a back-up plan just in case it steers you wrong

The walls are thin so everyone in and around the RV will know when you fart (nothing is private)

All that stuff you thought you had to have….was just stuff.  You will survive without it.

You must get creative when it comes to storage.  Every nook and cranny is prime real estate in a RV.

*This is just a starter list for now, we will update as we go along.  We would love to hear what some of you have learned.

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4 thoughts on “Things we’ve learned in our first year of RVing

  1. Can’t wait to follow you on your trip to Alaska! We are in New York so won’t be heading to any campgrounds until April. Safe travels!

    1. Hi Lori, we too are looking forward to this trip of a lifetime. My husband has never been to AK so it will be quite an experience for sure. Happy trails, hope to see you on the road some day.

  2. Definitely agree with number 1.
    Safe travels and look forward to hearing more!

    1. Hi Ingrid, things will really start to move along, only 90 days till we head out for Alaska. Stay tuned

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