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As anyone living in a RV full-time or a tiny home, we all know all too well how important extra storage, space and organization is. Well, after many hours of searching for the right ones I came across these fabric bins on They come in a pack of 3, come is 3 different colors, and are large enough to fit several sets of my work scrubs in and they fit perfectly under the overhang of our king size bed without getting in the way of the slides when opening and closing up the RV.  I can fit 3 along one side of the bed and 2 along the side nearest the closet. The closet side has a slightly tighter fit due to the access point for the diesel engine; therefore the configuration is completely different on this side.  There is  room under the foot of the bed overhang but that is where we are hiding our dirty laundry (at least for now).  These fabric bins not only look great but they also appear pretty sturdy and this particular color (beige) matches our decor perfectly. They are 8.3″ high at the back and slightly lower in the front which makes it easy to get things in and out.  I have recently discovered the other two colors are less expensive so shop around and see what fits your needs, there are other options with bamboo handles which look pretty nice but they tend to be a little more expensive.  I wish I would have seen them first.

If you are interested in this product or any products sold on Amazon just click on the above link, shop around and have fun.  When shopping through a link on my site it will not cost you any more money,  and we know how important that is to all of us.

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