Our first time out

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Well, it all starts in Southwest Florida where we will spend our winters.  This past June – August 2017 we had our first outing with our new to us RV.  We have had it out on several short camping trips prior to that and about every 6-8 weeks we try to get the house out for a drive to help assure engine runs well and all parts are in working order and staying properly lubricated, but our first real trip was late June 2017 where we headed up to the panhandle of Florida to visit Terrys daughter and grandkids.After a few days in the Panhandle area we moved farther north, ultimately heading toward Lincoln, Nebraska to see my (Pam’s) son and family.  For the most part we had great weather, only running into rain a couple of times, traffic was fairly smooth, except for a few accidents along the interstates.  One of the great things about owning a RV motor home is when stuck in traffic, one person can get up (you shouldn’t), grab a snack and use the restroom without having to pull over into a rest area.  Of course we do not encourage anyone to be out of seatbelts ever while in a moving vehicle because even though you may be in stopped traffic, you just never know when someone will run into you.
Now it was brought to my attention that Alaska (my home state) was not geographically correct (how did I not catch that); so, of course now it bothered me so I had to order new stickers and start over. Here is our new, proper states. Its especially important because we will be traveling to Alaska this summer.

2 thoughts on “Our first time out

  1. I’m not going to lie, I’m jealous! Cant wait until the kids are grown and out of the house so we can do the same!

    1. Enjoy the kids while they are young. I am enjoying the fact that we can actually go to visit them more often now since we have wheels under us. Our big trip will be in May, we will be headed to Alaska for three months to work at a campground so stay tuned, we’ll post it all here and our youtube channel wherervnowusa. Take care and God bless, one day we may see you on the road

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