The Jeep wave

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Wow, who would have thought this was a real thing.  Well, as a Jeep owner I apparently should have known this but I was never told, so my son  educated on this matter when he  drove his Jeep  from Virginia to Florida to surprise me for Christmas in 2016 (what a great son I Have).

It came up one day when I was riding in his Jeep and I noticed he was randomly waving at cars as they passed.  At first I thought he must have recognized an old friend from when he lived here a few years ago but then I saw it again, and again.   So now I must know, I asked who he is waving at because he surely cannot know that many people this far from where he lives.  He said all jeep owners wave at each other just like people who ride motorcycles.  Now, I am fully aware of the motorcycle tradition as is most people but I have never heard of this Jeep Wave he speaks of.  So, after getting home I just had to google it (because if it’s on the internet, then it must be true, right?), and would you just take a look at that, there it is in black and white; several sites to explain and describe how and why you must do the jeep wave if you are a jeep owner.  Ok, in my defense, I have only been a jeep owner for a year now and I do recall some people waving at me not understanding why because I never put it all together that they were driving a jeep also.

Confession time:  Shortly after that I felt the need to practice the Wave so I would not get it wrong (yes I really did).   After looking it up on the internet, I discovered there is more to this than just a wave. If your window or top is off you have to do the wave from up above the windshield, or you can just hang your arm out the window,  making sure you have the proper 1st 2 fingers and thumb extended, (not to be mistaken with the middle finger).  There is also a hierarchy as to who waves first; which revolves around year, make and model of your jeep, plus what up grades you have added and believe it or not, how dirty your jeep is.  Now, that is just too much for me so I will wave every time I see a jeep.

Recently I have discovered that you may look a little silly to jeep owners if you forget you are in your husbands Ford Ranger and you by habit  wave at Jeep passerby’s.  That is always good for a little giggle after I realize what I did.

I am still a little unclear if this wave pertains to all jeep owners or just wrangler owners, and I have found that a lot of newer 4 door jeep wrangler owners do not wave.  Some do, but not many.

If you are also a jeep owner and have any other insight on this matter, please feel free to comment and leave me a message below.

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