Camp A Way, Lincoln, NE ****

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First confession:  Lincoln, Nebraska would not normally have been my first choice of a destination in my RV, but at the time I had family living there so we must go.  My oldest son, his wife and their  kids live in the area and since they do not have a driveway large enough to accommodate a 40′ RV we had to find a place to park our house.  As luck would have it, there just so happens to be a campground close to their house.( 2 miles away)  I did a lot of research to try to find a less expensive place to camp because we are very thrifty kind of people but all of the ones we liked were just too far away or sold out So, we had to suck it up and make a reservation at Camp A Way, plus it would be over the 4th of July weekend and campgrounds were getting full real quick.

Even though it was a little pricey, especially for staying 2 weeks, we did enjoy our stay.  The grandkids, ages 4 and 8 seemed to have a great time as well.  There is a lot to do for all ages:  rent bikes, water balloon fight area, large swimming pool, hot tub, jump pad, playground, arcade room, they also have a pretty nice gift shop and sell ice-cream cones, smoothies, pizza and more.  We really appreciated the pool and water balloon area since we could not escape the heat even after leaving Florida’s weather of high 90’s.  Nebraska was having their own record heat wave of 100 degrees most days.We had a very nice spacious corner spot, right next to the small creek and across from the creek was a large vacant area with a walking trail and Frisbee golf, so it was quite nice with the exception of the interstate traffic that was all too obvious and visible through the trees.  We had a short walk to the pool and restrooms; the playground was a hop, skip and a jump away in the opposite direction which was great since we kept the grandchildren quite often during our stay.  The staff was always helpful, friendly and professional.  We give this campground a 4* rating due to interstate traffic noise. I would definitely recommend this campground.

2/2018 * A little update.   I recently was informed my son and his family are in the process of moving back to this area from Colorado,  so it looks like another visit to is in order.  We will go when it’s not so hot so we can enjoy the outdoors more and try to get some sightseeing done in the Lincoln area.

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