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This whole plan of living and traveling in an RV started about 3 years ago now.  I (Pam) was all about jumping right in and had my hand on the door ready to go RV shopping.  Then reality hit.  Where to begin, how to afford this, when to sell the house, how do you get rid of all this stuff we have accumulated over many years.  We got married in 2012 so we have his and her stuff still, two houses, a boat, 2 vehicles with payments, student loan debt and oh, so much stuff.

Terry has a fishing passion; so you can only imagine how hard it will be for him to downsize his gear because everyone needs at least 4-5 fishing poles on each fishing trip, along with all the different types of fishing lures, hooks, different sizes fishing line (because you never know what you might catch).  And don’t forget to stop and get the live bait because those 20 plus different lures just may not work today.   Now, understand, he has way more than 4-5 fishing poles.  I discovered when we started having yard sales and moving stuff around there seemed to be fishing poles hidden behind curio cabinets, doors, in closets and several out in the shed.  As painful as it was he held in there like a trooper and sold most of his fishing poles and gear.  Now don’t get me wrong because I love to fish myself, I am just more of a simple fishing person.  All I need is one pole, some life shrimp bait,  sunshine, calm waters and of course a bobber because I don’t want to have to stand there and keep casting my line.  And now we had to sell the boat so its been awhile since we have had the chance to get out and do some real fishing.

I (Pam) have a huge passion for crafting;  I had my own craft room with 3 tables of equipment, stacks and stacks and I mean stacks of paper of most colors imagined.  Now, that was tough to downsize.  I gave a lot away to friends, sold a lot at yard sales and I will admit, I still have more than one RV should hold, but once I get better organized (yeah right), I will be able to get to crafting again with the hopes of making RV, camping greeting cards that I can send out or even sell at some point.

I’ll tell you the truth right now from my own experience, so far this lifestyle is not less expensive than a sticks and bricks house.  But, I will tell you one thing, it is never boring and I am really enjoying the challenges it brings.  There is always something to do, fix, repair, replace, modify, and always new places to explore.

We discovered a huge water leak under our shower shortly after we got the RV.  Water was leaking in the basement storage area because the caulk job around the shower drain was done very poorly (not by us).  Next time we purchase a used RV we will definitely take the panel off at the base of the shower to look for water damage or leaks.   Well, it took a couple of weeks to dry it out, and put it all back together and we learned the hard way but we learned.

When we started looking for RVS we had no idea what we wanted or needed.  We started looking at class C’s, thinking, yeah, we could live in this.  But after really looking at bed size, shower and refrigerator sizes, (because we have never been accused of being petite); we decided we should look at the largest class C out there but reality hit once again (as it continues to do so on a daily basis); we will need  more storage space than one can get in a class C.  So we move onto 5th wheels.  Wow, they sure are nice and roomy.   We really like most of the floor plans, and really loved the toy hauler idea but then we would have to buy toy to haul around, which is not all bad but we are on a budget.  Well, after many trips to rv shows, rv dealers and remembering Pam has to pee a lot, we started looking at class A’s.  (Disclaimer)  we know you should not be moving about in a moving vehicle but sometimes it just be helped.  This bathroom on wheels comes in handy when stuck in traffic.  Anyhoo, we finally decided to go with the class A, hoping to stay around 34 feet (yeah right).  Well, once again after many months of shopping around, hearing other rv stories and lack of availability in our size range, we ended up with a 40′ diesel pusher.   Now don’t get me wrong, I love do love it.  We have 4 slides, king size bed, fireplace, washer and dryer and I do a lot of the driving.  BUT….there’s always a but.  After having this rig for a year now we do wish it was just a little smaller.  But after looking at shorter rigs, we would have to do away with some of the amenities I have grown accustomed to.  Terry on the other hand thinks we can do without a washer and dryer (not gonna happen), the fireplace (we have used it several times here in Florida).  So, only time will tell.  But for now, we will enjoy the space and luxury of our 2014 Forest River Berkshire.



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