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Overnighting at Wal-Mart in Booneville, Mo. WOW, I had to take a double take for the Wal-Mart sign once we were inside.  The staff was extremely friendly, greeted us coming in and when leaving and to my surprise, the employees made eye contact with us, smiled and said hello. We asked the manager if overnight parking was allowed (as we always do) even though we saw another RV parked along the edge of parking lot, we always want to get confirmation ourselves. They smiled (seriously they did),  said yes, and explained the best area to park.
Early the next morning while getting ready to depart, we saw a couple dear, and were greeted by several geese. After making our purchases to help get us through the next week, and to show our appreciation for the peaceful overnight spot,  we packed up, said good-bye to the geese and was on our merry way. We would definitely stay at this Wal-Mart again.

Just a little FYI….they say overnighting at Wal-marts are free; well, I beg to differ.  When you consider fueling up at least $100 and usually anywhere from $50-$100 in shopping, that is far from free.  But it sure is worth it since you need fuel and food anyway and if you can get by without hook-ups, this Wal-mart is well worth the stay.Some very important things to remember when staying overnight at Wal-Mart, Cracker Barrel, or Cabela’s.  Please, please, please:

  • Always talk with a manager and ask permission (even if you see other RVs or truckers)
  • Ask for best parking area according to your rig
  • Shop and spend a little money in store to show appreciation (we can always use something)
  • Do not put slides out or jacks down unless you have permission
  • Do not get lawn chairs or BBQ grill out (you do not want to look like your staying awhile)
  • Only stay one night
  • Dump your garbage in the proper receptacles
  • Don’t hesitate to ask to park even if you see a “No overnight parking” sign, sometimes they will ok it
  • A little bit of common sense goes a long way
  • Have fun, safe travels and see you on the road

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