Class A RV Driving 101

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Last year I took a one day driving course at Lazydays RV in Seffner (near Tampa) Florida. We watched several videos, got a lot of great instruction and then off to drive a 36 foot class A diesel pusher. Granted, we could only drive through the campground area at 15 mph but the lessons on how to make corners without hitting anyone or anything was priceless. The most important information I got was when you are going to make a turn (either right or left) you need to drive straight forward until you get your hip area lined up with the curb, stop sign (or whatever you are trying to avoid hitting), then you turn your wheel; watch your rig in the passenger side mirror and you will see you have cleared the corner every time. If you purchase an RV with them they offer the class for free, otherwise it will run you $100. They also give you a year to make an rv purchase in order to get your money back. (Which we did not only because we had found one elsewhere in the meantime). We will go back if and when we need a different RV.

Without prompting, the rest of the class said I did the best out of our group. I told them my husband would not believe me so they all signed a quick note stating so. (He still don’t believe me).  I try to do most of the driving, mostly because I really enjoy it, but also because his driving scares me.  One of the most important things to remember is:  when you get yourself into a situation where you are blocking traffic or need to stop until traffic moves out of your way (and this will happen), just sit tight, don’t panic, you can wave traffic to go around or to move forward.  When it is clear and safe, then you go.  You may break out in a sweat (at least I did),  You may get the finger waved at you, or a few choice words thrown your way but you know……you will most likely never see these people again so always remember, safety first.  Always.  Safe travels.  There is several YouTube videos on this as well.

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