Hello fellow RVrs and campers of all kinds

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Welcome to WhereRVnowUSA, We are Pam and Terry.  We have been living full-time in our 40″ Forest River Berkshire diesel pusher class A motor home for 1 year now, and man, how much we have learned so far.  Neither one of us realized how much different it would be from living in a sticks and bricks home to a house on wheels.  As Terry is very handy with tools inside the home and out, he is realizing there is much more maintenance involved when your house is under constant earthquake conditions.  Something is constantly jiggling loose, breaking off, or coming unhinged (and not just us).  We both are still working which makes it a little more challenging to devote more time into this lifestyle but we are plugging along and doing pretty well for newbies.  Pam is working part-time as a medical assistant with a dermatologist office and Terry works as a maintenance technician in a large window/door making company.

Neither one of us has camped in an RV before, let alone, live in one, so let the learning and fun begin.   Pam is from Alaska (and yes I know Sarah Palin and yes there is an area of Alaska where you can see Russia) and has done plenty of tent camping,   Terry is from Maryland, served 22 years in the Army National Guard and done his time roughing it by tent camping, and sleeping out in the open in every weather condition known to man.

We are planning on being fairly stationary during the winter months in Florida and will move about the US during the more pleasant months of spring, summer and fall, but of course things may change once we really get into this moving about stage of our travels.

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